Initiation of Hope


Initiations part 2. For part 1 click: Strip Poke-him: Raw Dog’s Initiation

Ha ha! Look at this! Well isn’t that a sweet piece of ass! You! Initiate! Get over here!

Time for the next stage of your initiation! Right here! Now! Stand right here!

What an obedient little bitch you are! Ha ha!

You know what the next stage is? No?

You know how to read, bitch? Yeah?

Look right and left!

Know what stage it is now?

Ha ha! So the bitch can read! You’re too soft to be a Warboy, bitch. But the Atom Hounds have other positions. We’ll even give you a name!

Yeah! That position! Get used to it! You’re a soft bitch, but I like my meat real tender!

Hey! Would you look at that! I think we just found your name! Hope! That’s a real bitch name! Now bend over ’cause I’m going to fuck Hope!

Wicked Wednesday
Sinful Sunday


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