Travel Blog: There and Back Again

Before Alaska I needed to drive to pick up Lovely. Most people rest stop to cool off with a soda at a busy gas station. I prefer to rest stop at an outdoor location and cool off by removing clothing!

Cooling off my D on the road at Road D!

What is this for? Flogging? Anybody want to flog my dolphin?

And being I needed to keep in running shape, I made a run stop at a nature trail I hadn’t been to before.

A huge tree for northern Kansas!

Not to draw attention…

We had quite a time traveling back home. The checked bag with most of Lovely’s souvenirs fell off the baggage cart. Then got run over. Then covered with exploded shampoo. In the rain.

Fortunately we had a long lay-over and time to sort through the wreckage and itemize for compensation from Alaska Airlines. All the people involved were very nice and apologetic. Surprisingly, most of it survived and we can get replacements ordered for most that didn’t.

Unfortunately that kept us from leaving for food. Due presumably to the labor shortage, this busy airport had only what was in this vending machine, so I got a Twix to last the six hours until Seattle.

The adventure continued as a passenger had an emergency medical issue. Lovely heard something about a seizure. Hope he was okay.

I used to be stationed in Seattle and still think of it as home though it had been years since I set foot there. Unfortunately not so long a lay-over there as to allow a nostalgic trip through my old stomping grounds.

But the airport did have:

  1. food
  2. food from places I used to go!

After a thankfully uneventful Uber to Lovely’s house, it was time for the drive back home for me before a short night and work the next day.

Much flatter than Alaska!

Again, getting tired and hot (those Alaskan 70 degree temperatures were amazing!) I pulled off the road to pull off my pants to wake up and cool off. Sometimes when tired my guy starts acting up. But I was like, whatever, dude! You do you! And let him go!

Sinful Sunday


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