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Mount Marathon! The toughest 5k on the planet! I won a lottery entry so I loaded up a plane and headed to Anchorage with Lovely. Also my sister and her friend so nude time was at a premium.

Almoose naked! Of course we had to find time and places to get in some northern exposure!

You can’t spell naked without AK!

Giving the Last Frontier a peek! But I was also here for a peak! Mount Marathon! Yes the name of the mountain. The race is close to 5k, not a marathon.

I’d love to have gotten a nude atop the mighty mount. But close to race date there were many runners on the mountain doing their required scouting of the course as well as other hikers and helicopter tours.

The race itself is grueling and dangerous. And very competitive with many elite mountain runners. I’m a good but not elite runner from flat Nebraska with no real way to train for this. So I played it safe and just managed to finish in the top half.

But I still wanted to lose my bottom half in the absolutely majestic Alaskan scenery! So after a Lovely hike to Exit Glacier, I snuck off trail with my better half for a bit of CFNM!

My sister gifted me a helicopter tour around Resurrection Bay. I am in awe of the beauty and wonder of a particular pink slit, but this blue one is also awesome! A glacial pool in real color, no photo filter!

A view of Mount Marathon from the air over the glacial plane near where we took our horseback tour. You can see the figure-8 trail at the top.

Horses love Lovely, they know a good soul!

Then we headed north to Wasilla by Lucille Lake. Turns out we were two doors down from Sarah Palin’s house.

I don’t know if anyone was Nailin’ Palin but with a room to ourselves we weren’t rushin’!

Okay, maybe I was to get naked!

It looks like afternoon but this was 11:00 pm!

The next day we hiked an abandoned mine. There may not be any more gold in this mine, but today it held something far more precious and I can’t believe this lucky strike was mine!

Alas, time always flies when you’re having fun. But before we had to fly back I wanted to get one more shoot in on a mountain top. Flattop to be exact!

A final word. It was 4th of July week. A time to remember sacrifices made for freedom. And a call to the further action required to keep those freedoms.

Sinful Sunday


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