I Have the Gaul

Just taking my long sword out to swing around! Got my gambeson (padded armor) which is quite nice for cold temperatures. My other “armor” is not so appropriate for winter. In fact, not so appropriate at all!

their cries were so loud and piercing, that the noise seemed not to come merely from trumpets and human voices, but from the whole country-side at once. Not less terrifying was the appearance and rapid movement of the naked warriors in the vanguard, which indicated men in the prime of their strength and beauty

Polybius the historian

Did you know that certain Celt tribes fought in the nude? The Gaesatae and Gaul were reported to battle naked against Roman troops.

Some figured this was a psychological tactic to intimidate the enemy.

What would you do if a naked man charged at you, swinging around his long sword?

Sinful Sunday


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