Rural Ronin!

My Ronin Katana Euro #7 longsword finally arrived, and I was surprised by a gift from Lovely as well!

Lovely gifted me an armor shirt. This is a butted mail.

This is a butted male!

Good armor is like a good lawyer, it always covers your butt!

Given my height, it is difficult to find properly long items, especially any modeled on historical artifacts which were for people of significantly shorter stature.

This shirt is long enough to protect the vulnerable bits. Well, maybe except just the tip of my short sword!

That’s okay, it makes an easy draw! I like to be able to quickly draw my short sword because a chivalrous Ronin is always ready for bonin’!

My thrusts always achieve maximum penetration!

Sliding the full length into a willing sheath is equally satisfying, Lovely Lady! This Ronin will get you moanin!

Sinful Sunday


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