Say WAA?!!!

Got my WAA (What an Adventure) Ultra gear in for my Moab 240 race in October. I learned my lesson from being exposed (and not in my usual, fun way!) during the course marking where we got stuck in the La Sal Mountains in a sleet storm in shirts and shorts!

So I got a long sleeve ultra carrier shirt, carrier belt, and most importantly: a packable rain jacket. Of course you can’t trust a piece of gear unless you test it out, so it was time to hit the showers!

Sheds like water off a duck’s back!

Oh! Do I make you wet?

All work and no play makes NPE a dull boy!

But NPE knows how to get a workout in just about anywhere 😉

Sinful Sunday


    1. nopantsendurance

      For sure, it will be my running crowning achievement, hopefully! WAA isn’t cheap and apparently not available in the US, but I got it from a Canadian company for 40% off on Cyber Monday. The jacket works, but it’s something I hope I never have to use!


    1. nopantsendurance

      People tend to think me paranoid of sun, I almost always use sun protectant clothing, even gloves. Clothing can be amazing, too! Especially space age stuff that isn’t much warmer than not if you keep it damp. What I wasn’t expecting was snow in a desert, mountains are unpredictable, lesson learned. All the appropriate stuff is required for the race, but we were foolish and didn’t take it for the course marking.

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      1. David Mei

        Elevation is amazing. Lived in Colorado for 5 years. Surprised by how long it would snow into summer and star again in August.


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