10 for 2021

First off, a well deserved hip-hooray for Marie Rebelle and Wicked Wednesday for 500 weeks! Secondly, a round of applause for yourself and fellow bloggers for contributing!

Now for my special thanks to the one and only Lovely Braindrops! Nopantsendurance may be my blog, but you wouldn’t know it from the stats! Eight of the top ten feature Lovely and all the top seven! I think this is more her blog now than mine!

And it’s understandable as the best content I’ve made is with my special someone who brings out the best parts of me (and Lovely has some particular parts in mind!).

1: The Birthday Suit

This is the first short film with Lovely and the most popular with 1,193 views! Wow! It was my birthday present and what a birthday it was! It started a tradition of similar gifts. By the way, I did also get a Christmas gift, check back on the blog soon for that one 😉

2: Star Date

Unsurprisingly, I suppose, the next most popular post was my shoot with my Lovely lab rat (as she proudly refers to herself)!

3: I Dream of Weannie!

Another predictable one, the second short film with Lovely which I still dream about to this day! With 527 views, safe to say I’m not the only one!

4: Bootyca Warrior Queen! Part 2: The Thrilling Climax!

Ah, yes! A two part collaboration with the crafty (in more ways than one!) Lovely showing off her hand made chain mail negligee!

5: Underwear?!!!

A bit of a surprise to round up the top five, this was a blooper take on the Star Date shoot!

6: Dynamic Duo!

What fun! A pulp fiction/comic book retro shoot, it was so much fun thinking up golden age superheroes in our golden garb! Though there wasn’t that much garb, was there? 😉

7: St. Lewdness Arch National Manument

Ha ha! Another gag idea I had that turned out surprisingly artsy!

8: A Hostel Take-offer!

The only solo shoot in the top ten, and this was a fun one! Weird stuff happens when I have the whole hostel room to myself! Man, what bed head! LOL but I had to shoot quickly when nobody was there!

9: Quantcum Leap!

The only solo short film in the top ten, I discovered this waterway in a small dam and had to make use of its sci-fi feel and lighting!

10: Thinking of You!

This shoot was Lovely’s idea to braid my cock into her hair! Honestly, who else can think of such a thing? What a gift to be on Lovely’s mind!

Wicked Wednesday


  1. Mrs Fever

    Your posts are always delightful, NPE. And you and Lovely are a great team. I love that it’s consistently clear that you are having FUN together — that’s so So SO important , both in life and in love!

    I look forward to what 2022 brings.

    Happy New Year to you both!

    Liked by 1 person

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