Fiction: Mom’s Thanksgiving Cream Pie

Meanwhile at the Luxuriae hunting cabin…

When Cyril gets some Brandy in him, the gentleman’s night out gets a little bawdy when he disrobes and shows his body!

James was a bit nervous about visiting his fiance’s family for Thanksgiving dinner. Regina Luxuriae was from a very old and very well-to-do bloodline while James was what her ancestors would call a “commoner.”

Regina was hardly pretentious. She eschewed the haughty family tradition of serving on the board of one of their many lucrative businesses or named partner law firms. Instead she earned her law degree and worked her own way up at a nonprofit advocating for environmental protection. That’s where she had met James.

He still didn’t understand how he’d gotten so lucky. Regina wasn’t haughty, but she was a hottie! There was something to be said for aristocratic bloodlines, he had to admit. Certainly that also showed in Regina’s two sisters, Camilla, the eldest and Portia, the youngest. Indeed, it even showed in the matronly Octavia Luxuriae.

Though raised street-wise, James was no slouch to getting chummy with the posh. The agency put as much effort into courting the rich and influential as James had put into courting Regina! As the dinner wrapped up, James judged that he’d passed muster with the fiance’s family.

Regina agreed, “That went well, I think! There are still some hardliners of the old guard in the family, but you showed them you’re as educated and cultured as any at the table, as I knew you would!” She pecked him on the cheek.

Regina had warned him that, though the times were far removed from aristocracy, the family still maintained some, what word did she pause to use? Idiosyncratic traditions he must pass. Regina was not a black sheep. She still valued her family traditions and seemed more nervous for James’ approval than James was himself. Which was…odd.

“I’m relieved, I was a little nervous. This place,” he looked around the ancient, posh mansion, “can be intimidating. Though it helped that was the best meal I’ve ever had. Caviar? I know you like to make your own way, Reg, but still, must be nice!”

He paused, “Although I was rather hoping for dessert. You’re mother’s cream pie you said she was so famous for, though now I think about it, it’s odd that she would cook something herself with the professional chefs and all.”

Regina got that apprehensive look again, “Yes, well, I did say my family has some idiosyncratic traditions. One is that dessert is to be served in the evening.”

He apprehensive look was replaced with a devilish smile, “Although, I could arrange for a little “dessert” myself!”

“Ooh, I like the sound of that!”

“I thought you might! Go freshen up while I change into something a little more comfortable!”

After a hot shower in a wonderful stone bath with massage jets, James toweled off his hair in a robe that felt like it must be made of angel feathers.

That’s when Regina walked in wearing something resembling a graduation robe with her family crest emblazoned on the chest. Over her face she wore a masquerade mask of a fox.

James raised an eyebrow, “I can’t tell if that’s more comfortable or not.”

Regina made another apprehensive smile, “Let’s go find out.”

She walked him through dark halls furnished with paintings and armor sets, each worth more than he’d make in ten years if not more. Finally she ushered him into a room behind a nondescript door. James blinked in surprise. There were some furnishings in the room that looked like medieval apparatus. Then surprised turned into stun, this was some kind of S&M dungeon!

Regina caught his look, “I told you. Don’t worry we won’t be doing anything painful.” She said as she wrapped a blindfold over his eyes and took off his robe. Then she guided him over to some kind of device where she strapped him in with buckles over his wrists and ankles.

“Ooh, kinky!” James said. Regina knew he’d always try something once, though he didn’t understand where this was coming from. Regina had never shown any interest in domination. She had coached substantial training in edging orgasm denial. She loved when he built up, built up, until exploding all over her and he loved her for that! She was also very keen on teaching him cunnilingus, which he was also fine with, give and take was the foundation of a strong relationship after all. Then she placed a gag over his mouth.

“You’ll do fine, James. Just remember what I taught you! I’ll be right back.” He heard a door open and footsteps.

After a bit, he felt hands touching, caressing, exploring all over his body. It was erotic, though strange. Regina already knew his body quite well after all. Then the hands reached his cock. Stroking, playing. He got hard. Then a tongue, circling his glans, lips exploring up and down his throbbing length as he groaned through the gag.

He heard a finger snap. “That’s good. Take off his blindfold.” That voice was not Regina’s! As his blindfold was removed he saw that it was Matron Octavia, Regina’s mother! She was seated on a throne. On her right was Camilla, on the left was Regina, and holding his blindfold was Portia, all wearing the robes and fox masks!

James flushed and yelped surprise through the gag. He was stark naked with a raging hard-on right in front of Regina’s whole female family! Then he realized it was Portia who had been exploring his body and…sucking his cock!

Octavia waited for the shock to wear off. A bit. “Understand, James, that we Luxuriaes are a proud family and any prospective who would join our family must be deemed worthy. Worthy in deed which you have proven with your work. Worthy in mind as you have proven earlier tonight. And,” she nodded at his nude form, “worthy in body.” She let that last sentence hang in the air as his manhood hung out in the air in front of her.

“Forgive us the subterfuge, James, but you are not the only person being evaluated tonight. Males who would be Luxuriae must prove their manhood virility, but Luxuriae females must prove as worthy their own sexual vigor.”

“Portia. You have enticed well.” Octavia decreed with a nod to James’ throbbing erection.

“Know, James, that you can end this at any time, though doing so will forfeit worthiness to the Luxuriae line. However, this is not about pain, this is a test of discipline and control. Not of us over you, but of you over your body. If you wish to continue, nod yes.”

James looked at Regina. She nodded yes. James did as well.

“Good, let us begin. Portia!” Octavia snapped her fingers again. Portia worked a mechanism and the apparatus James was strapped to was declined flat. Portia then removed her robe to reveal her fully nude body!

James felt a mix of desire and shame. Portia was gorgeous with a lithe, athlete’s body. Regina had mentioned she was rowing crew for Cambridge. He glanced shamefully back to Regina again, who gave him her blessing with a nod.

Portia had now climbed atop the apparatus. She grabbed his hard cock with her hand, guiding it to her exquisitely manicured pussy. With her knees on two lowered pads of the apparatus, she slid down on his hard length!

James groaned in pleasure, she was so tight! She began riding him, slowly then harder, her body mimicking the pose of a rowing crew, torso back over his legs, giving him a glorious view of her glistening, perky breasts as she thrust her hips down and forward, getting maximum penetration from his cock!

James fell back into his edging denial, holding off orgasm as Portia moaned and thrust faster, on the brink of orgasm herself.

“Enough!” said Octavia. But Portia seemed lost in lust and thrust twice more. “Portia!” She snapped. Then Portia yelped quickly jumped off his cock, chastised by Octavia’s stern gaze. “A Luxuriae shows control over her lust! You will not finish your orgasm. You will not orgasm for the span of two weeks! Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.” a contrite Portia mumbled.

“Orgasm is for the Luxuriae who has proven control.” Octavia snapped again, “Camilla.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Camilla enthusiastically stripped off her robe, revealing a full figure. Then as Portia had done before her, Camilla straddled James over the apparatus and guided him inside her. Contrary to Portia, Camilla favored leaning forward as she rode James’ cock, giving him a heavenly view of her full bouncing breasts! Gawd how James wanted to reach up and grab those heavenly orbs, damn these restraints! But those thoughts turned quickly back to his training as he desperately held off orgasm as Camilla expertly rode him!

But James didn’t need to grab after all as Camilla must have been turned on by the kink of watching her little sister with James and she delivered those breasts down to caress his chest as she shuddered under the throws of orgasm! Somehow James held on!

Eventually Camilla slid off him, retrieving her robe and placing it back on. Octavia asked, “What say you, Eldest?

“Worthy!” Sighed Camilla!

“The Eldest has deemed the prospective worthy. As matron it is my duty to confirm worthiness.” Octavia stepped down from her throne and also stripped off her robe. “Damn!” thought James, “if this is what the future Regina will look like…hot damn!” Octavia was the embodiment of MILF!

Snap! “Remove the gag and restrains!” Camilla rushed to do so while the Matron positioned herself on a nearby apparatus the looked like a swing. She spread her legs wide open. “The prospective has heard of the Matron’s cream pie, yes?”

An ungagged and unrestrained James said, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Such formality!” giggled Octavia in a surprisingly girlish tone.

“And I assume you are aware of the street meaning of ‘cream pie,’ my little street rat?” She said this with clear kinky affection.

Following his intuition, James replied, “Oh we street rats could teach a thing or two to you posh snobs, just ask your daughter!” James fired off a roguish wink at Regina who…was she touching herself? “But you’ll find I’m not so little!” He shoved his way balls deep inside Octavia!

He knew his intuition proved true as Octavia gasped and looked up with undisguised lust. A kink for slumming it, eh? “Now I’m going to use you like your daughters used me, rich bitch!”

James thrust into her like a battering ram saying things like “take it!” and “you like that peasant cock in your posh pussy?” He had her moaning and gasping at his thrusts in no time. He’d liked to say it was on his plan, but with Portia and Camilla already edging him, he was at his limit.

“I’m going to give you a cream pie like we do in Boston!” he proclaimed in his thickest Boston accent. Then he exploded, pumping himself into her so hard his body shook and nearly collapsed! When he spurted his last drop, he pulled out of Octavia slowly to see his seed come leaking back out.

All the matronly haughtiness had disappeared from Octavia now as her every button of her kink had been pushed, she reached a hand down to her full sex to finish herself off.

“Oh no you don’t!” snapped James. “This cream pie is mine to enjoy!”

He lowered down to his knees and gave Octavia his best cunnilingus with his own cum dripping out of her, gob-smacking her with a kink she didn’t even know she had! Soon she was grabbing his hair, desperately shoving his face into her cum drenched sex until she let loose with a soul stunning orgasm!

“You may be the Luxuriae queen, but I am the king!” James said as he took the throne. He looked to Regina, “Hail to the King, baby!” Regina cheered and leaped onto his lap!

From rags to riches by fucking rich bitches! It was good to be king!

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