Public Nudity Live Blog

Off on another adventure!  I’m driving to Moab, Utah to join the course marking crew for the legendary Moab 240 mile ultra marathon.

But I wanted to cross off some projects (and take off some clothing!) along the way.  Again, nudity is not illegal on public federal land!

First is a stop at Great Sand Dunes to film a short film for Halloween in my Egyptian costume (then NOT in my Egyptian costume πŸ˜‰).  I climbed over dunes for over a mile figuring I’d have the privacy to shoot nude scenes.

Fortunately I did get my nude scenes filmed.  However I was unexpectedly interrupted by a couple when I was trying to film my Egyptian costume scenes.  Not nude, but skimpy.

Also they were very chatty and I didn’t want that is my film.  Unfortunately they hung around soon that more people started showing up.  I eventually got my shots in, I hope, but the film will require much more editing than anticipated to remove people from the background.

But I think I’ll have a fun little Halloween short to present next month!  Here is a little teaser!

Continuing the drive through the mountains, I enjoyed the spectacular scenery:

I also found a turn off that turned me on for a nude shoot against the fall colors.

I mad a quick stop for a dip in the public hot springs of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  No public Nudity here as it was very public.  A nude dip in a mountain hot spring is still on my list.

Since I’m in the general area, I also wanted to make a second attempt at the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim.  The short film shooting had me late getting in.  But that allowed for a public nudity shot at the Grand Canyon entrance sign!

Hmm.  Am I a bit under dressed for this outing? πŸ˜‰

Well, in seriousness, I was.  In contrast to my first attempt when I ended up at Ranger Medical with heat exhaustion in the 112Β° F temperatures, I made it to the North Rim, but much slower than anticipated and the run back would be at night with temperatures dipping into the 40s.

All I was wearing was shorts and a cooling fabric shirt.  Taking clothes off is not always good.  Not in those temperatures.  So I purchased a tent and sleeping bag at the camp store and spent a cold, uncomfortable night on the north rim.

I’m currently typing this during the shuttle ride back as I did not have enough food for the return trip.  Mistakes were made, lessons were learned.  But I did get a spectacular sunset!

Made it back to Grand Canyon Village which has its own charm.  Walking across the railroad crossing. I figured it would make for a nice shot.

Then I displayed my junk by this pile of junk!

I’ve been wanting to do a shoot at Monument Valley at the famous place where Forrest Gump stops his run. Unfortunately I’ve gotten there too late when it was too dark.

But this shot turned out to fit the Wicked Wednesday prompt nicely!

Being that the sun was going down, I figured my pants had better be going down as well! This isn’t the place, but it’s close and I like the way it turned out!

When I get home, I’ll level the image. It’s a rush it type of a shot, strip naked in the car, then wait for a gap in traffic, throw down the tripod, streak the valley and hope for the best!

Wicked Wednesday


  1. David Mei

    Wow! Wonderful adventure! Impressive run rim to rim! I finally got a chance to see the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago with the family and want to go back to hike without kids.

    The Great Sand Dunes are amazing. Saw them in June. Incredible.
    Your pictures as always are amazing and I can’t wait to see your edited video for Halloween.


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