Feeling Blue, Trip Went to Poo, But I have You!

When life hands you lemons, make lemon pop tarts!

Lovely Braindrops

I’d had this lemon yellow cock harness for a while but hadn’t found any place to use it until the last trip back from Lovely’s where I spied a yellow barn door that would have made a nice backdrop, but it turns out the barn is in a community and too busy for a nude.

So I wore it driving north while looking for some other colorful backdrop when I saw this line of blue porta potties parked along a country road.

A perfect backdrop for how our trip to Colorado went: feeling blue, trip turned to poo, but we were able to make good memories, too! We booked a stay at a charming mountain ranch for some horseback riding and hot tubbing in the cool mountain air.

We were disappointed to learn that the hot tub was out of order, but no big deal. Unfortunately Lovely started feeling blue with a bad sinus cold (not COVID, more on that later) and she did not feel up to horseback riding while I went down to Manitou to run the Pikes Peak Marathon.

That did not go well. I tripped and fell down the rugged mountain trail then six miles later did it again because it was so much fun the first time! They don’t call them the Rockies for nothing, those trails are a cheese grater that shredded my knees, forearm, hand and my right shoulder. Even right through the fabric of my shirt!

Lovely felt miserable and I was black and blue and bloody, too! We were quite the pair, but she was able to help me into a bath to clean the wounds and bandage them.

Life may hand out lemons, but it hands out grapes and chocolate, too! This battered pair had a nice pairing of wine and chocolate truffles out on our ranch lodge deck in the crisp mountain night air!

I managed the drive back to Lovely’s but I was in bad shape. I’m…um…not a stranger to falling during trail runs, but this was an order of magnitude worse than any beating I’d experienced and I was barely able to walk and had to (got to) stay the night at Lovely’s. In the morning she was tested at her work for COVID and it came back negative. So we needed some good comfort food.

Home to HomeGrown which offers one of our favorites: home made pop tarts and lo and behold, what flavor was in season but lemon?

As Lovely aptly said, when life hands you lemons, make lemon pop tarts! The vacation may not have gone like we’d hoped, but all is well when I still have you!

On a somber and serious note, I still have Lovely, which may well be in part to us both getting the vaccine. After my porta potty photo session, I read a text from Lovely that she lost a second co-worker this month to COVID. He was not vaccinated. My fall could have been much worse, I could have hit my head. Lovely’s illness could have been worse, but she used her head. Get your shot so more of someone’s loved ones don’t get dead.

Wicked Wednesday


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    Life continually challenges you to appreciate it. How you react to that challenge is completely up to you. NPE and I are definitely up to the challenge! No adventure is truly an adventure without some level of challenge, excitement, or a bit of mystery! This adventure put us against some unique challenges that we faced quite well in my opinion! It wasn’t fun, but it was as well! Don’t dissmiss life‘s opportunities
    to challenge your ability to enjoy yourself!

    And on a more serious note – sometimes you have to go against what you believe might be right or wrong and just do the smart thing. Pull away all the politics, all the conspiracy theories, and try to pull at least a few facts. Sometimes there is no good choice but you have to take the one that offers you the best chance of continuing your life in the way that you have become used to. I have always believed that Cove it exists but I was hesitant about getting the vaccine. I got it because the track record for vaccines is actually pretty good; I certainly heard of a lot more people dying just from Covid than I’ve ever heard of dying from a vaccine. I figured I was much better off taking my chances with the vaccine than with the virus. That’s just hard math facts for you. Not a bad way to make a decision.

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  2. Marie Rebelle

    What a post. So sorry to read about the fall (OUCH!) and about Lovely’s colleagues, but she’s right, we have to make the best of what life hands us. Sometimes it seems bad things just keep on coming, and then we have to look for the silver linings, because they are always somewhere.
    ~ Marie

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  3. Mrs Fever


    I saw your mention of injuries healing up in today’s post and had to backtrack to find out more.

    I’ve experienced my share of scrapes — my ‘expert’ opinion is that you’ll have some knee scars — but once you’re healed up, you’ll have a good story to tell. 🙂

    Glad you two were able to get away, regardless of any travel imperfections.

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