How Big is Too Big?

A radio clicks on: “Paging Load Supervisor Emily, we’re ready to run a train. The guys all have their rods out and we’re ready to unload them in your pink box!”

I’ll be right down to inspect your guys’ rods, Nick. What size are you guys packing?

Oh, a standard range I’d say.

Hmm, very nice selection of stiff, hard rods, boys! I’ve got my pink box open! Line them up boys! Thrust in your rods and give me those loads!

Gosh Emily, that little box of yours can sure take a lot of rods!

It sure can, nothing makes me happier than taking multiple loads in my box!

I’m glad to hear that because I’ve got a rod of my own!

Whoa whoa whoa, Nick!


Your rod is huge!

Thanks, Emily!

No, Nick! No excess dimensions allowed in my box!

But…I really want to stick my rod in your box too!

There’s no way that big rod of yours will fit in my little pink box!

Well, I’m sure those other guys’ rods got your box loosened up a bit.

It’s not just the girth, Nick, it’s the length! That thing will knock out my back wall if you shove it all the way in there!

Okay, well what if I just put in the tip of my rod?

Oh no, you’re not getting me with that one! No guy ever stops at just the tip!

But my rod is ready to unload!

Well why not go shove your rod in Becky’s box?

Ew, no! Becky will take anybody’s rod in her box! Have you seen it? It’s nasty!

All the more reason not to let my tight little pink box get like hers!

Well, what about your caboose?

NICK. I am NOT the kind of girl who takes rods in her caboose!


Sigh. Okay I’ll rub down your rod then you can unload it on my chest, deal?

Oh, oof ughhhh! Thanks, Emily you also have an amazing chest and it looks great with my rod unloaded on it!

Wicked Wednesday


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