What Happened in Vegas: Burlesque Hall of Fame and Museum

One of the top spots Lovely and I wanted to visit in Las Vegas was the Brulesque Hall of Fame and Museum. You can get a good look at this little gem from this YouTube video. This museum was founded and built upon the personal collection of Jennie Lee “The Bazoom Girl”

You can watch her routine on YouTube as well! The Museum is non-profit and run by volunteers who are themselves burlesque dancers, so very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic! Our guide was Buttercup and she was amazing!

The Hall of Fame includes many personalized photos of burlesque performers as well as costume and prop pieces, many of which were made by the performers themselves.

Not only can you enjoy the views of burlesque, you can also participate! They have a “Bawdy Shop” (I love the punny names!) where they teach burlesque classes! Too bad Lovely only had a day in Vegas! But the gift shop had a burlesque starter kit and a book on burlesque that had a beginner’s guide!

Needless to say, I’m hopeful I’ll get to see a very Lovely burlesque show of my own soon!


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    Looking forward to learning about this and trying it out!
    There was a story about a dancer who was a heavier woman and who’s specialty was being able to use her chest msucles to move her breasts around, even popping them in and out of her top…not something I will ever be able to do, but seeing women of similar body type doing beautiful things with all that body is absolutely inspiring!

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