Live Blog: Grand Teton Mountain Runs!

Headed out on another adventure to Grand Teton National Park!  Leaving after a tiring work day and week, so doing night driving.  Though the cover of night did open up opportunities!

Such as showing off some dicks at Dix!

I missed my calling as a traffic director!  You must exit now, it’s the law!

After you exit, I recommend filling up with a Big D! 😉

Buford, Wyoming or PhinDeli Town as the most recent solo occupant renamed it!  Hey, if you’re the only person in town, you can pretty much do as you please!  I know what I’d do: naturist town, all clothing banned!

Camped at Vedauwoo Climbing Camp and got some nude hiking within Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest!

Wonderful scenic natural backdrops!

Wonderful landscapes

Cool rock formations

A cabin constructed from 5,796 dinosaur fossils!  Wicked!  Being either moved or restored, but that gave me opportunity for a quick shoot!

Cum in like a wrecking ball, Miley Mammaries!  Roadside art in Medicine Bow, Wyoming.

The only good bug is a dead bug!

Photo shoot overlooking Hell’s Half Acre, which was the setting for the planet Klendathu in Starship Troopers!

Must have been a good hike getting all that equipment down there!

Made it to Yellowstone! There are iconic shots such as Grand Prismatic Springs overlook, but tourists were all over it like steam over a gyser (like most of the park)

But one can still find photo ops off the beaten path at less grand springs. Still very cool…er, hot, though!

Sinful Sunday

The Saturday 30 km race went well, I placed in the top 10%. A good result for a Midwesterner on a mountain course.. The Sunday 50k…not so much.

Given travel times, I was running on less than 5 hours of sleep for both races, though my nude sight seeing made it worth it!

It was also the gnarliest race I’ve ever done! Two mountain peak summits,

a rope rock climb, definitely outside my comfort zone!

and some honestly dangerous downhills too steep for footing that had be sliding down gravel on my butt!

If the mountains or bears don’t get you, you could also get blown up!

With lack of shower options, I made a visit to Jenny Lake’s crystal clear waters, but the glacial run off was too cold! Also far too many people around to get naked.

Not too many people around Phelps Lake Creek by the Rockefeller Lodge!

Or a creek by the side of the road by Moose, WY!


  1. thebarefootsub

    I was trying to think of a witty comment but I’m laughing so much I just can’t! Flashing image for the win!

    Have an awesome weekend of adventure. N x


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