Rubber Baby Gasbuggy Bumper

Fracking is used to release natural gas tied up in sandstone deposits. It’s terrible for the environment in its current form. But if you think this story is ridiculous, remember that on December 10, 1967, United States Atomic Energy Commission went fracking with a 29 kiloton yield nuclear device in Carson National Forest. The detonation formed a 335 foot hill above the blast zone where this placard currently rests. Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should!

Good! The annual Project Gasbuggy radiation check is negative once aga…what in the nuclear frack?!!!

Hey! You there! Citizen! Stop!

Huh? What?

Are you digging up ordnance?

Me? No, I just saw this funny glowing prairie dog and this was in it’s hole!

This is a radioactive contamination zone!

Oh no!

You need to strip off those contaminated clothes and let me scan you for contamination!

Put your hands on the pipe and spread ’em!

Aw, dude, for real?

Okay you’re clean, but turn around. I’ll need photographs to fully document this incident in my report!

Aw, weak, dude I’m naked!

Kids these days don’t know their ass from a radioactive prairie dog hole in the ground! I blame the legal marijuana!

Wicked Wednesday
Erotic Fiction


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