Cockquaman’s Silent Revenge on the Just-Ass League!


More fish nets and plastic left in the sea.

“Hey, thanks Cockquaman for cleaning our oceans and protecting sea life!” Says nobody.

Comment: Haha, your super power is just to talk to gay fish and Kanye West?! How lame!

Batmanuel: Do you like fishsticks? Hehe, do you like putting fishdicks in your mouth?

Oh the gay fish joke again, Batmanuel? How original! At least I have an actual super power, not just being rich. You didn’t even earn it, just inherited from daddy!

Subparman: Hehe, you aren’t The Flash! Why do you walk around with your cock hanging out?

Oh, good question Batmanuel! Why? Want to know who does like putting fish dick in her mouth? Blunder Woman! Ever hear of ease of access, Subparman? She can’t get enough of my cock!

Don’t need the Lasso of Truth to know she’s just not that into you chauvinist pricks! You just can’t see the invisible jet a rockin’ so you don’t come a knockin’!

Ah, all clean. Now I can enjoy a nice sunset walk along the beach with Blunder Woman!

Wicked Wednesday
Sinful Sunday


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