Leg Day Runoff

Driving back from a great weekend with the Lovely Braindrops at Oaklake Trails Naturist Park (more on that later!), I needed to stop and stretch my legs and found this debris pile left by a runoff into the Little Blue River by Hebron, NE. I liked this pic as it shows my leg day training is working!

Of course, for an ultra runner, every day is leg day! Granted I may be a little bottom heavy and I need to drop a few pounds to get to race weight. This is the first year I’ve been accepted into the Boston Marathon, which due to COVID is run in October this year instead of the usual April, so got to keep it up! And keep training my other two legs, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sinful Sunday

FYI about weight, I know I’m slender, but in terms of competitive racing, I’m borderline huge. The top men marathoners are around 5′ 7″ and 140 pounds.

I’m 6’4″ and around 180 pounds right now, one reason why I’m not close to an elite runner. I qualified for the Boston Marathon with a 2:50:43 time. My goal is under 2:50.

Carrying weight over those distances adds up. If I can shave off 5 pounds that would go a long way to shaving off 2 seconds per mile which is all I need to reach my goal.

Of course, gaining muscle adds weight, but it’s worth it for ultra running, especially mountain running. Last year I ran Pikes Peak Marathon and it kicked my butt. Embarrassing really, took me over 6 hours, and I want revenge this year! Hoping improved strength will do it for me.


  1. Molly

    Yep definitely can see leg day paying off there. I am definitely not a runner. Walking and yoga are my thing. Exciting about the Boston Marathon though. Good luck with training and your race time



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