Ivanna Cum!

This is a fantasy I dreamt up at Ivanna Cone, a local ice cream parlor after I ran my own marathon and I Saw this Better Boink Box on the counter!

Josh had just finished his first marathon earlier in the day then took a well-deserved nap that lasted much longer than anticipated. So here he was jogging again to make it to Ivanna Cone before closing for the night. He was a regular at the home-made ice cream parlor known for its unique flavors, though truth be told he was also partial to the place for it’s perky proprietor Ivanna whom he had a bit of a crush on.

When he got to the door, he noticed the chairs had already been put up and Ivanna wasn’t behind the freezer counter with it’s many buckets of ice cream. But as he peeked in, he heard her rustling in the back. He strode over to the chalk board showing the day’s flavors. There he spied a box of condoms labelled “Better Boink Box” and shook his head bemusingly. Ivanna always supported social activism. In the shop windows were signs for LGBT Friendly, No Hate Allowed, and No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!

She also had some off-color humor, pushing decency with flavor names like Nut Buster, Spotted Dick (some kind of British thing), and one concoction with cherry and pop rocks she called Cherry Popper which got one mother all upset. Ivanna Cone wasn’t really a kids place, though, being in the artsy district close to the University and drew mostly college students.

She must have heard the door bell ring as she poked her head around the kitchen corner and smiled.

“Josh! I was beginning to think you weren’t going to come tonight!”

“Yeah, sorry, I ran the marathon today and over-napped a bit.”

“Yes, I know! I was following your tracker all morning! Congratulations!”

Josh was taken aback, he didn’t know Ivanna would be so interested in his race. “Really?”

“Oh yes, in fact I’ve been working on a new celebratory flavor with you specially in mind!”

She bustled behind the counter and beckoned him over. Ivanna wasn’t, perhaps, what society would judge to be the stereotypical body ideal, being what some would call “curvy” or “full-figured.” What with all the ice cream sampling and all, but Josh found her beautiful and wondered how that smile of hers didn’t melt all the ice cream like it did his heart!

That’s when Josh noticed she wasn’t wearing her parlor uniform, just a thin white T-shirt with a plunging V neck. And noticed it must be cold by the freezer as the thin material was no match for her nipples perking up in the chill! Josh blushed and felt a stirring in his groin.

“I’m working on a special salted caramel flavor, my very favorite,” she said. Then she bent over a bucket to get a sample cone and Josh’s heart skipped a beat as the plunging V neck of her shirt fell away, treating him to a full view of her breasts! The gorgeous rose nipples that had been teasing him from under the shirt now on full display!

Oh god, now he had an erection growing in his running shorts and he was sure he’d be pitching a tent! His hand may have trembled a bit when she stood back up and handed him the sample. He licked the sample, it was sweet and rich with the slightly smokey flavor of home-made caramel, divine!

“Well, what do you think?”

“It’s divine! Sweet and a little smokey.”

“Oh, you! Yes, I have the sweet part down, but it needs the salty. I’m thinking a sundae ice cream, but it needs a very special sauce. Oh, but I know you prefer a milkshake, so let me get your marathon reward! Be back in a jiffy!” She bounded excitedly into the back.

Josh grinned like a goof, he loved her bouncy personality and use of silly words like jiffy. Then he heard Kelis start to play over the parlor speakers. Ivanna emerged from the back wearing an apron, bouncing forward toward him with the music:

🎡My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!
And they’re like, it’s better than yours!🎡

She gave him a wink in passing. Oh lord, did she see he had a hard-on? Then she shimmied to the door to flip the OPEN sign to CLOSED and when she turned her back to him, he almost fell over in shock. She wasn’t wearing anything under the apron! Then she bent over to engage the door stop, giving him a full view of her full bottom and dear god, the folds of her glistening sex!

She turned back around, a lustful smile like he’d never seen on her face!

“So what do you think of my ‘milkshake’;”

🎡I know you want it
The thing that makes me🎡

Josh’s jaw had dropped and he may have made some kind of noises. She tugged at the top stings of her apron, allowing the top to fall, revealing her breasts to him again!

🎡 What the guys go crazy for
They lose their minds 🎡

She slowly sauntered toward him, arms behind her back, tugging at more strings, her breasts jiggling at the motion. The apron fell and she was fully nude in front of him!

🎡 The way I wind I think it’s time 🎡

“Give me some sugar!” She kissed his lips and pulled away, her tongue licking the ice cream from Josh’s mouth. With one hand, she reached into the Better Boink Box to grab a condom and with the other hand she reached down to fondle Josh’s erection through his shorts.

“Oh my! Going to need a large, I think!”

Ivanna picked a condom, ripped open the wrapper then dropped to her knees. She slowly tugged down Josh’s shorts, the waist band revealing more and more of his hard length until it cleared the tip and his cock sprang free in front of her face.

🎡 I can see you’re on it
You want me to teach the
Techniques that freaks these boys 🎡

“Well, hello there! A large indeed!” Ivanna put the condom between her lips and expertly started to slide it on over Josh’s cock with her mouth! The condom on, she stood back up, grabbed his cock and lead him by his manhood behind the counter.

🎡 Warm it up
La-la, la-la, la
The boys are waiting 🎡

Ivanna bent over ice cream buckets, her glorious butt in the air, legs spread!

“I want you to churn my pussy like ice cream!”

“Well Ivanna churn your pussy like ice cream!” Quipped Josh to which Ivanna giggled lustily until the giggles turned to moans as Josh slid his hard length inside her!

Josh grabbed her hips and thrust into her with urgency, marveling at the waves made in her glutes with each thrust. Ivanna had once made a Better Than Sex flavor, but Josh was absolutely sure NOTHING was better than sex with Ivanna!

🎡 Just get the perfect blend
Plus what you have within
Then next his eyes’ll squint 🎡

Josh became vaguely aware of Ivanna scooping ice cream in rhythm to his thrusts. “Tell me when you’re about to cum! I need your cum!”

Hearing Ivanna saying she needed his cum was the last straw for Josh. He grunted, “Now!”

Ivanna quickly slid off Josh’s cock and got on her knees before him. She quickly took off the condom and held out a salted caramel sundae in front of her breasts!

“You’re the special sauce, Josh! Your cum! Give me your hot, salty cum!” She looked up at him with desire and Josh couldn’t hold back any longer!

His tired body shook with the effort of orgasm. His first spray overshot the sundae bowl and sprayed Ivanna’s face!

“My goodness, what a canon!”

Seeing Ivanna’s face covered in his cum was the hottest thing Josh had ever seen and somehow made his body redouble it’s efforts to empty itself all over Ivanna! She grabbed his spurting cock, directing thick, ropy sprays of cum onto her sundae. When Josh finally ran out, Ivanna had a sundae covered in cum as well as much of her breasts!

With great reverence, Ivanna dug out a spoonful of Salted Cum-erel Sundae. She slowly spooned it into her mouth, licking at the “special sauce.”

“Oh. My god. Now that is better than sex!”

She stood up, put another spoonful in her mouth and said, “Give me some sugar!” Then pressed her lips against Josh’s. Josh resisted at first, but then let himself kiss Ivanna back, tasting the smokey sweet chased by the kinky sensation of the saltiness of his own semen.

What a strange and wonderful woman Ivanna was.

“I don’t think anything is better than sex with you, Ivanna!”

Ivanna giggled and blushed, the first time Josh had ever seen her be self-conscious.

“Ommagosh, I…your…cum! I’m sorry, Josh, I get lost in my own world.”

Josh chuckled, “That’s okay, I want to explore your world, though I’ll leave the rest of that sundae to you!”

“Oooh, I’m so weird, but it’s so divine!” She licked greedily at another spoonful of ice cream and his cum.

“I’ll make you a deal, I’ll keep sampling your flavors anytime after a run, or anytime Ivanna cum!” He winked and she laughed.

Josh was sure there would be many more interesting flavors ahead!

Wicked Wednesday


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