I’ve Got Spring Fever

And the only prescription is outdoor nudity!

It was 70° F (21 C) today! The surreal thing is the weather. A few weeks ago there was a record cold snap, the lowest my car thermometer read early morning was -28° F (-33 C)! Nearly a 100 degree difference in a few short weeks. So I had to get some outdoor shots in!

First was a hike at Happy Jack Peak, the cyber costume didn’t really work out like I’d hoped against the rustic background, but I was still happy at Happy Jack!

Getting a good weighted climbing workout in, gotta loose that hibernation fat and whip myself into race shape!

Next up, a temp hill run for some fast twitch exercise and a stop by the roadside cut through the bluffs.

After so much cold, a workout in 70° weather felt hot, so why not make one last use of the snow to cool down? That’s brisk, baby!

Sinful Sunday


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