Star Date

Written and directed by the Star of this date, The Lovely Braindrops! It’s always been a fantasy of mine to do a CFNM shoot, it was a dream come true! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Also, for the WW prompt, Memory Alpha is the library planet in Star Trek! Nerd Alert!

Stardate 010192021:

It’s now been one year since the new order federation leadership took power. Their new moral standards they imposed upon taking power are taking their toll on the station crew.

I myself have found my mental faculties diminished after the forced delete of my hololover program. Today the last of my pleasure devices finally ran out of power and the replication restrictions disallow the replacing of it.

I will be forced to build my own, in secret. If I am not successful I fear I shall go mad…or sacrifice myself to the luststruck Klingon Haar, who is known for killing his lovers at the climax of his passions…maybe not such a bad way to go…? No, I mustn’t!

Data: Your nightly service, Chief Science Officer.

Ugh, I wish I could get serviced, Data.


A nice big Cock would really hit the spot right now.

As you wish Ma’am, I shall service you with the Cock Cola.

Oh dear Data, you mean so well! If only you really could service me how I wish to be serviced, but you don’t have the…equipment.

Or…could you? Computer, bring up the new human-machine interface biograft cybernetics research files from Memory Alpha!

Data: Ma’am you have installed new hardware on me?

Yes, my Data, with your new flesh drive, you can service me how I want…NEED to be serviced: as a woman!

My new unit requires a firmware update.

Hmm, so I see. Come over to my workstation and I’ll make your wares very firm indeed!

Oh yes, that is more like it! Your flesh drive appears to be fully operational…though I think a test is in order!

The flesh drive is designated as a human-machine interface. What is my flesh drive’s function, Ma’am?

Oh you will be using your flesh drive to interface with me, my dear Data!

I do not understand, Ma’am.

*giggles* Sex, Data! I mean sex!

Sex, Ma’am? The flesh drive does not have the capability of reproduction.

Sex does not have to be just for reproduction my dear, Data! It can be recreational or…as a bond of intimacy between two sentient beings.

I’m afraid I do not know how to do “sex” Ma’am.

Oh don’t worry dear Data, I will teach you. Come to my bed, you have so much to learn!

Sinful Sunday
Wicked Wednesday


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