Strip Poke-him: Raw Dog’s Initiation

Well I’m down to my last garment! You’re not tipping Grinder my cards, are you Raw Dog? Heh, heh! No? I’d say you’re screwing me, Grinder, but I suspect I’ll be the one cumming out on top, heh heh!

Yep! One pair vs a straight flush! Woop woop! That means pants on the ground for me! You look confused, Raw Dog! My chips may be down like my pants, but by Hound rules, that just means I’m getting it up! Not much for the straight myself, anyway. I prefer a nice intimate pair and I’m always the one dealing! Heh, heh!

Lesson number one about the baddest raiders in the wastes, initiate: the Atom Hounds always win. Just ask your former pal on the ground!

If you want to becum an Atom Hound, you can have nothing to lose. And that includes your virginity! There’s a reason we call initiates Raw Dogs! But you can still win, I mean, hell, you might like it! Can’t say I’ll be too gentle, though, heh heh!

I’d pictured this as a short film, but instead of the forecasted 50s, it was windy and frigid and the location was a bit more exposed than I’d like for a long shoot. It did offer some wind protection, so photos it is. Ended up shivering by the time it was done, but I did get a chance to model some of my newest cosplay acquisitions!

Sinful Sunday


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