Preview: He-Manwich and the Masturbator of the Universe!

First off, a big heart-felt thanks to Molly on the 500th week of Sinful Sunday! It was SS that really opened up this new world to me with all the friends I’ve made and I’m deeply thankful!

I’m reluctant to show anything that isn’t the final product, but this is a special week so I decided to show a preview of what I have so far. This is a He-Man and Halloween witch mash-up inspired by the magical elixir that is Manwich!

Well I’d hoped to have this short film done by Halloween, but that didn’t happen due to weather mostly. I’d hoped to have it done this weekend, but my father got hit with COVID-19 and I’m in quarantine as well. We’re doing fine, unfortunately the weather is getting cold but I will hopefully be able to film the final outdoors shots this weekend.


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