Review: Better Than Naked?

So I picked up some new running shorts: The North Face Better Than Naked™ Shorts! That’s a bold claim, so I figured I should give them a thorough review because I doubt other gear reviewers went the extra mile to properly evaluate if they are in fact better than naked!

😉 wink, wink! 😉

Thankfully Dr. Stephen Cocking showed up to make sure the testing was scientifically valid!

For a more serious post about naturist running, do check out The Lovely Braindrops’ thoughts about our trip to Oaklake Trails!


  1. Ray S

    WOW my friend, another beautiful location for a video with a storyline. “Every man has a penis” but some are more fortunate than others, yours is beautiful and happy that you do these reviews. In that location, naked is better, but the North Face look functional.

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  2. Life of Elliott...

    Fucking Hell!!! No Pants Endurance has scaled new heights of film-making excellence! And what marvelous shorts, if I was a jogger I would definitely want a pair, but since I am too lazy I probably won’t get them.

    I would loved to have been on this excursion, if only to have met the lovely Braindrops.

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