Oh what a Day! What a Lovely Day!

Decidedly not on prompt this week, as a wonderful connection was made! I don’t feel comfortable posting photos from this trip on my own blog as I think women should have full control of their nude photos. So check out Cumdrops on the regular as I think those will be cumming coming soon!

I first saw her nude, garbed only in glowing luminescence by the bed in the Inn. A Radiant Woman visiting in my dream-soaked mind, yet I was awake! Veiled from without by window drapes through which street light could only peek, leaving only myself with the venerable voyeur’s view! Then clothing like shadow eclipsed her heavenly orbs, but not in embarrassment nor shame. Though sight may be limited, she is a sight to behold!

And that was just the beginning of a magical day: a visit to the Oaklake Trails Naturist Park with the Lovely Braindrops/Sexycumdrops. I admire her ability to embrace the new and unknown with uncommon courage. You wouldn’t have known she was nervous about her first naturist experience! Nature beware!

Unfortunately, I’d planned on having all Labor Day to enjoy the park, but we only had a handful of precious hours the day after. I was running a three day ultramarathon event that took more out of me than I had anticipated and it wasn’t safe for me to drive long distances the day of the event.

Which had a silver lining for myself anyway in that we missed the crowds they had at Labor Day. We have, of course, “seen” each other nude in digital form many times, but not in the flesh. And my flesh was, ahem, responding at the personal closeness of her flesh 😳 White sunscreen lotion glistening on her skin like…I should probably have taken certain matters into my own hands before the visit.

But by no means was an isolated hike down to the Oak Lake not an amazing experience. We sat a while on a bench overlooking nature and had a deep talk, primitive lizard brain howling or not!

Then a lovely soak in the pool once my thinking was taking place in the correct “head.” The confidence as she floated with her lovely bosom standing out like islands of paradise in a sea! What was I thinking with, again?

Then a stroll to the pavilion and then a photo by the storm shelter with the mural. An appropriate end as the weather was turning. We left Oklahoma at 85 degrees and arrived in Nebraska at 39 degrees with rain pounding and wind howling like my lizard brain had been!


  1. sassycoupleok

    Lovely writing once again. Sorry that Ms. K and I missed you and your friend at Oaklake Trails. We had planned on being there but she was exhausted from all the other days there in the office with the huge amount of people, plus her back had flared up severely on her Sunday night. Many of us who are members there refer to OLT as paradise as it is a beautiful gem hidden away but open to all who love social nudity.

    Naked Hugs To You Both

    T & K

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      1. sassycoupleok

        Holiday weekends are always huge. Lots of activities going on. However the hiking trails are always available and the conversation pool is a great place to meet others. If I’m not playing pickleball I’m usually in the volleyball pool.


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      1. sassycoupleok

        Agree !! Haven’t we as a society progressed enough to accept the beauty, magic and wonderful function of the male penis.Instead of forcing them to be hidden away, isn’t it time to allow them to be enjoyed by all ??

        Ms. K

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      2. LovelyBraindrops

        Definitely! I think we’d find our males to be much happier and healthier if they weren’t forced to stuff themselves uncomfortably out of sight. Though I suspect the ED pill pushers would go broke, and probably the private prison system would take a hit, along with drug cartels and a few shrinks. The societal problems dominated by a huge majority of male protagonists potentially could be significantly reduced by simply releasing such archaic practices and notions. A body at ease is a mind at ease.

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