Close Encounters of the Third Leg

This means something. This is important.

Just showing of my gun! No I mean my new prop acquisition: a Taelon rifle from Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict! Also the alien Zentai suit I finally got in.

I’m a little peeved about that. There is no way my lanky frame was going to fit in a standard size, and they offer custom sizes, but the arms are too long and the fabric bunches up. Also, I should have opted for removable hands as I can’t use the touch screen on my phone with the suit gloves. I can get around that with a touch screen compatible glove, but it is annoying. Maybe I can find a way to shorten or bunch up the sleeves.


  1. Life of Elliott...

    Top photo is very cool, as is the next one. I don’t think the sleeves look that bad. It’s a nice suit to hang your cock and balls out of and the mask is fabulous. Maybe you could cut a little hole in the tip of your index finger to touch your screen with.That’s quite a weapon (both actually) you look very Zentish.

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