Trip to Iowa

Took a day trip to run a 50 mile ultra, first big race since the pandemic. Didn’t have much time, but I did find some interesting spots to shoot, unfortunately, not all were private enough for privates!

Where is the plow in oak park?

Plow in Oak Park

Did someone say they want a plow in the park? Just ask for the Big Oak in the men’s room!

Er…not what I meant!

Albert the World’s Biggest Bull…with the World’s Biggest Balls!

First a Big Oak and now some big balls!

Maybe after this dear reader is getting some Midwest Hard Parts?

Maybe we can cross that bridge if it cums to it!

Bridge to the Tree in the Middle of the Road

Tree in the Middle of the Road in the middle of nowhere

Pretty busy place for being in the middle of nowhere, two cars with tourists stopped by in about 5 minutes so I couldn’t add my wood, just had to flash down, up, and go!


  1. thebarefootsub

    It is great to see the races are starting back up on your side of the atlantic. I think I will be racing in August, but a little 10k event with bubble run groups. Interesting times. How did the race go?

    Almost forgot, great pictures! I always love to see the fun you have.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nopantsendurance

      Glad to hear it! I’ve been a little beat up with injuries including a bruised foot from jumping off a tree in the sandbar shoot, wasn’t my best race but I made it. Any ultra finished is a good ultra.


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