Character Sheet: Noober

Crap, I missed the Pride deadline for LIFE. I hoped I could finish my first issue of my cyberpunk cosplay universe I’ve toyed with naming Cyberspunk 2069 (a play on the upcoming CD Projekt Red game Cyperpunk 2077). I want to do a neon/retro stylized comic book format. It is a technically demanding thing to shoot and edit. I hope I’m up for it πŸ˜‰

Noober is a Neuro-Ecstatic, a mudita bhavana compersive street raver. Meaning he is a pleasure seeker whether chemically, sexually, or aesthetically, but also a selfless pleasure giver, which can at times get him into trouble from misunderstood “lewd acts.”

I view him with a character floor of the lovable loser/hapless comic relief but he has a good heart and may develop into a stronger character. He currently makes ends meet by “meating ends” hehe, okay mainly by running the street drug “Level-Up” for black market neurochemist Xer0.

Original photo
Comic Book Stylized

Let me know what you think about the stylization.

Lingerie is for everyone


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