Shaft Inspectors of Peckerneck Mine

Thanks to Lovely Braindrops for some choice “phrasing” for this fun scene I put together! This is about a mile in on the Peckerneck Trail, the site of my very first post on this blog! This area was hit hard by the flood last year as it’s on the shore of the reservoir that overflowed it’s normal boundaries. Consequently, this is the first time I was able to make it out to the site.

Unfortunately, the trail has seen little maintenance and was quite overgrown, but I managed to blaze my way through to this mock mine. It was invented as a way to donate to the trail project as donors would “own a stake in Peckerneck Mine.”

Clever idea that also turns into a photo op along the trail. I wonder if anybody else had a erm, similar type of photo op as me, erm, I mean Larry and Gary? BTW this is what I normally garb myself in while running, probably not what you’d expect from NPE, but the sun burns and the ticks bite!

Larry: “Alright! We found the place, Gary!”

Larry: “Aren’t you coming up?”

Gary: “Uh. Yeah. Just a little nervous about the ‘dress code’ part. Remind me again why we’re required to have our peckers hanging out?”

Larry: “It’s called PECKERneck Mine for a reason, Gary! Naturist land, we always want to show maximum respect to our clients!”

Gary: “Well, what if somebody shows up?”

Larry: “Don’t worry my friend, it’s not like they haven’t seen a man’s pecker before! Look, I’ll strip down first, okay?”

Larry: “See! Naked as a mine canary! No big deal, Gar! Two thumbs up!”

Gary: “What does that even mean? Sigh, okay, okay.”

Larry: “That’s the spirit! Now let’s thoroughly inspect this shaft. Need to have a nice, strong shaft to really penetrate deep down a hole!”

Gary: “Ugh, phrasing, Larry!”

Larry: “What a long, thick, solid shaft! And those beautiful veins…of ore! Excellent!

Gary: “I agree, Larry, this shaft is ready to be worked and worked hard!”

Larry: “You said it, Gar! I get excited just thinking of the huge loads that will come out of this shaft!”


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    Eh-hem… safety audit fail. Sorry fellas, gotta call in the safety and quality inspector. She’ll be checking your gear.

    Gary: but…

    Yes, she’ll be checking that too. I think it’ll pass.

    Larry: what gear?!?!

    Just show up ready for a shaft inspection Larry.

    Larry: when?

    It’s a surprise inspection, but I expect you two to rise to the occasion.

    Inspector: hey fellas! Surprise! Just let me gather my measuring equipment and we’ll get started!

    Gary and Larry: MEASURING?!

    Inspector: 🤣

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    1. nopantsendurance

      Clearly I need to use sunblock on my face, but for how long I’m out running, sunblock wears off and gets expensive! TBH Sleeves and pants are also useful for running through brush. I have stuff from companies that claim cooling effects, but with the humidity around here, they don’t help much with evaporation, but they aren’t much hotter than no sleeves.


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