Facial Recognition and Doxing

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Making a PSA regarding disturbing news I first learned of from Last Week Tonight about facial recognition. In a world of big tech making a mockery of privacy, there has been a bridge too far: facial recognition. Well that bridge is being crossed and burned with Clearview AI which wants to be the Google of facial recognition doxing.

They’ve already pillaged profiles from Twitter and Facebook (with cease and desist notices being filed). Again, if the likes of Facebook has a problem with the privacy invasion involved, be very very worried!

I don’t think minor sites like my own are a target yet, but I am thinking of adding password gating to my site. I don’t want to, but it may be prudent to do so.

John Oliver stresses the need to get ahead of this legally, but lets be real: the concept of privacy as it was is obsolete. You can pass laws in your country, but that won’t stop the Chinas and North Koreas of the world wide web. Nor will it stop black hats or any other malicious actors.

Hell this could even be offset by the rise of Deepfake to claim any “compromising” photos are fake. It’s a Brave New World we are living in. I just wanted to make this known to fellow posters. Godspeed, I have no answers for you as we forward to the future.


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    Face masks may be around to stay for completely different reasons than COVID-19. I have never expected absolute privacy on the World Wide Web nor do I ever expect to have absolute privacy on the World Wide Web. I take a risk in many aspects of my life and I guess this is just another one of them. Until I do something blatantly illegal I guess I’m not too worried. Explaining to those who know me might be awkward, but if that’s the worst of it I guess I can live with that. Now my employer on the other hand… again, nothing blatantly illegal here, but still…

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    1. nopantsendurance

      Yeah, though I think the percentage of people who are millennials or younger who have nudes out in the digital ether voluntarily or not is pretty high. One would hope the social mindset will be more accepting of people, though recent events question that to say the least.


      1. LovelyBraindrops

        Hard to say how the social mindset will look even a year from now, let alone five or 10 years from now. For all we know we may be able to post directly to Facebook at some point within our lifetime. Something like Facebook 18+. And there’s also the possibility of getting shut down completely, even in our own quiet little hidden communities. Society is so volatile right now I don’t think there’s any way to predict with any kind of accuracy.

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    2. nopantsendurance

      Public indecency: A person 18 years old or older performing, procuring, or assisting any other person to perform, any of the following acts in a public place where the conduct may reasonably be expected to be viewed by the public:

      1 An act of sexual penetration
      2 Exposing the genitals (with the intent to affront or alarm any person), or
      3 A lewd fondling or caressing of another person’s body

      1 and 3 never apply to me, I do of course expose my genitals but never with intent to affront or alarm any person, nor do I do so anywhere I reasonably expect to be viewed by the public. Nonetheless, I will have to be more careful of trail cameras and such.


      1. LovelyBraindrops

        Yes, we have seen where even unintentional displays of nudity have become at least of interest to law enforcement. Granted, I think it is safe to say that if he had not been trespassing and had not been carrying a knife it would’ve only made news for the novelty factor of him roaming around nude in a field. But definitely, caution is becoming even more important as technology is making its way into every nook and cranny.

        An eye is upon you…

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  2. thebarefootsub

    Thank you for this NPE. It is a fine line we tread, and this piece of news makes it even trickier to navigate.

    Particularly when the laws around privacy and Doxxing are mostly shaded grey as it is. Certainly in the UK, and from what I’ve learnt much of the world is in a similar position.


  3. DeviantSuccubus

    I have been doxxed before, more than once, and mostly, people want to use that information against you. I never was scared because I really don’t care what those in my life get to know about me, and I don’t have much to lose in real life. But a lot of people are careful with their information for many different reasons and it is scary that they will have a harder time protecting themselves. 2020, what a year for freedom, eh?

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  4. LordRaven

    Privacy is as much an illusion as control it, it is there till it’s not. It is disconcerting that so many hail the saying if you have nothing to hide then why do you worry about it? Maybe I’m a nut for worrying about a thought police society but honestly I doubt anyone would want their thoughts and ideas on display for the world to see, this is just one more step in that direction.

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