Dirt Nap

Ran at another nearby reservoir which was nice and had desirable photo settings. Unfortunately, it was very busy and I had no opportunities for nudes there. I did find a couple on the drive back, though. Here is set one: dirt nap!


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    Top 3 Thoughts:
    – If humans landed on Mars what would the Martians think of this one?!
    – I was walking to the beach, but i couldn’t find one, so I stopped here to sunbathe!

    And after a 12hr shift at work…

    – THAT is EXACTLY how I feel!

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      1. LovelyBraindrops

        lol did a similar thing recently as well; flash apparently does still have a significant effect in daylight, but not necessarily a bad one. The setting snafu probably is what gives the harsh and start otherworldly impression.
        …and maybe my brain is just overexposed from work, haha! Nah, it wasn’t so bad, but I wouldn’t be above a dirt nap either.

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