Irrigation Inlet

Buoyed by a chance to stop and smell the flowers, I also explored around an irrigation canal lock by the North Loup River

Sinful Sunday #478: I


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    Unique locale. Certainly no light/shadow woes here! The one picture in particular shows off your muscling very nicely! Another great shoot that takes the ordinary place and makes it wonderful! Looking fabulous my friend; fit and fabulous!

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      1. LovelyBraindrops

        Oh, you already do! Rawr! …oh right, you meant running… 😊 …but seriously, when it’s race day again you will be ready! 🏆 You’ve worked hard all winter and you have stayed on your miles and incorporated new challenges; it may not be a year with medals, but it will place you even more solidly in the running later on because this year you’ve focused on you.

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      1. Life of Elliott...

        Oh dear Lord, I think I can see some on that skanky water pipe. And, you now they are in the grass. Yes, I can see by the tanline on your legs you are spending way too much time in that chic little Lycra cycling outfit.

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