The Return of Technomancer!

Trying again with my cyberpunk costume. Still not a final set-up (waiting on parts) but got some more practice in at some ruins and junk piles. This costume is hard to manage as the mirror mask is not fully transparent, the C-string still requires constant adjustment, and the hood needs better placement as well. I also notice my shoulder pauldron was slipping off. Sigh.

My final version doesn’t include the mirror mask anyway, rather some LED wire glasses, so hopefully that will help. I think it also lacks something to tie the top to the knee warmers. I have some open crotch boxers on the way that I hope will solve that.


  1. Marie Rebelle

    More exciting images, and I look forward to see the outfit when you have all the ‘parts’. I am also curious to see how the open crotch boxers are going to solve the problem with the knee-warmers. If I may ask, where do you order your cosplay items?
    ~ Marie

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