The Priest of Hiroshima

No money was harmed in the making of these photos. This is inspired by the greatest music video of all time: Rage Against the Machine’s Sleep Now in the Fire filmed outside Wall Street at the Federal Hall which I visited when I went to NYC for the marathon. Some of my cosplay stuff is starting to trickle in. This one looked better in my head but turned out okay. It’s in the town burn pile of tree limbs from an early storm. There was a burned manual of some kind that I put at my knees as a Tome of Fire. Essential Worker (expendable) me, the cost of desire, grasps my signed print of my favorite meme where KC Green also wrote “Sleep now in the fire.”

The world is my expense..
The cost of my desire..
Jesus blessed me with its future..
And I protect it with fire..

So raise your fists and march around
Just don’t take what you need
I’ll jail and bury those committed
And smother the rest in greed!
Crawl with me into tomorrow
Or I’ll drag you to your grave

I’m deep inside your children
They’ll betray you in my name!
Hey! Hey!
Sleep now in the fire!
Hey! Hey!
Sleep now in the fire!

Sleep Now in the Fire – Rage Against the Machine


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