Penis Power!

I ran across this interesting article from Atlas Obscura: Romans Used to Ward Off Sickness With Flying Penis Amulets. These were a representation of the diety Fascinus aka the Divine Phallus. The protective function of the phallus is usually related to the virile and regenerative powers of an erect phallus, though in most cases the emotion, shame, or laughter created by obscenity is the power that diverts the evil eye.

Infants are under the especial guardianship of the god Fascinus, the protector, not of infants only, but of generals as well.

Pliny the Elder
I call this work “Full Monty Python’s Flying Penis”

today, fascina live on in the English language, in the word “fascinate.” If you’re fascinated with something, in other words, you might just be thinking that it looks like a penis.

So I took the opportunity to make my own fascina using the materials I had on hand. Namely my erect phallus. So I’m “up” to testing it’s protective functions on any volunteers. Or, you know, if it gets a laugh from it’s obscenity, I’m fine with that, too!

Sinful Sunday #471


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    It is … what’s the word I’m looking for … fascinating! I’m sure to use that word far more judiciously now! How very interesting!

    So, as this is a phallus-free household, and nature is out to cull the herd, a little extra protection wouldn’t go unwelcome … in fact, I’m sure a very generous welcome could be arranged!

    Fascinating as always my sexy friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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