Heroes and Villians: Technomancer Trial Shots

I mentioned before I’m expecting some cosplay stuff that is in limbo due to the corona virus (first world problem for sure). Still I wanted to at least do a trial run with a cobbled-together set from what I have.

I got to the location later than I wanted to and it was already too dark so as to be grainy. It was also getting cold which led to some unfortunate physical results.

I used my white Adidas EQT vestbag, my recently acquired PAX Nintendo Power Glove, my swim goggles, a mouth filter (that I forgot to put up, sigh), a new metallic armor pauldron, my new ring cock harness, my biking knee warmers and my TUK flame Oxfords. I used an ball light with some EL wire wrapped around it for the techno effect.

Needs work for sure, and I didn’t even get the Power Glove in the shots. Lesson learned for when we hopefully get consistently warmer weather in March.

Sinful Sunday #464


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    Still awesome despite the little things … Er … bad choice of wording … but, that’s our crazy weather for you; unkind! Definitely hoping the cock ring harness makes its way into another photo shoot! The metallic pieces too (I kinda have a ‘thing’ for metallic) Great location! Worth another go at this one when nature stops messing with our heads … oh dear … more bad choices of words ……

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  2. Life of Elliott...

    Well that’s an interesting test run. Jesus, you have a long fucking legs. Too bad about the cold weather, because that is an interesting outfit. And for gods sake’s be careful walking around on those rocks. Are you supposed to be a technomancer or a power ranger or something, I’m not sure what that is I’ll have to Google it? Are you a hero or a villain, which ever you do look awesome although I’m not sure I’d want to meet you under the bridge without knowing

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    1. nopantsendurance

      All the better for running, my dear! Not sure what I’m going for yet, something cyberpunk or technomage from Babylon 5. Maybe I’ll write up a little origin story to go with them. All in progress in my head atm


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