Mardi Gras in the Raw (almost)

Lingerie is for everyone

I’ve ordered some “select items” though most are made in China which is posing a problem with the corona virus locking things down. I have no reason to complain as this is a reminder there are much more important things in life.

But I did get this little item in to finally take a pic of the University of Washington (my Alma mater) gear that Lovely Braindrops got for me last Christmas! I added some Mardi Gras flair! That can’t match the bling that she displayed on her blog, though! Certainly worth checking out wink, wink!

It also helps the men’s basketball team finally got a win!

Dubs up!

Sinful Sunday #463


  1. Posy Churchgate

    Those shorts are epic! You look fabulous in them – Go you!!

    I also love the T-shirt teamed with the colour-coordinated beads – this is a strong festival look for sure. Impressed.

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