Miners Allowed

I had the honor of joining the Lovely Braindrops on a unique 5k run in an active salt mine 650 feet underground as her “guide” though who was guiding whom is debatable!

She said it much better than I ever could:

Trail terrain going from smooth to wavy to rutted with mounds and bumps and the odd loose rock and salt gravel, salty still air that you can smell and almost taste and that is dry yet heavy, a perfect and unvarying temperature, jumping light and shadow and nearly perfect darkness beyond occasionally rudely interrupted with floods of light from single bulbs along the way. an echo of every footstep and sound. A steady presence beside me, arm to arm, keeping the tether solidly in place to guide me, from whom comes the ‘voice in the dark’ calling out direction and terrain changes as we approach and cross them. Definitely a run to wake up the senses! I rather like it over 600ft underground!

She is the star of this show, but my hotel room also included this lounge chair perfect for stretching out in a pose. It’s traditional to show off the medals after a race, but this race also was nice enough to include a cock ring! Okay, it’s one of three rings one can earn that fit onto the medal, but it does make for a decent cock ring, don’t you think?

Sinful Sunday #462


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