An Ode to “Waste”

The Geek Freak Reads Ep. 1

Found from a review by Christina de Vries

Greetings cyborgs, mutants, and breeders, it’s time for The Geek Freak Reads! This is my ode to “Waste,” the mature audience post-apocalyptic novel from debut author K Bevis who’s author’s note reads: Coffee lover, rain hater and avid reader, K. Bevis hopes to captivate her readers with her dark worlds and their slightly depraved inhabitants. She doesn’t do warm and fluffy; she quite likes dark and jagged.

The world is set in a post-nuke wasteland with humans congregating in domed cities with some wastlanders running trade caravans and scavenging outside the safety of the domes. Speaking of congregating, the cities are controlled by semi-feudal leaders in this case, Cain, an augmented man, and his seven hounds. But also heavily influenced by the Church of Apollo that preaches human evolution through mutation, augmentation, and breeding, sometimes with willing subjects, sometimes not. One way for the have-nots to gain favor with the Church is to provide a worthy mutant.

That’s where Ode, the protagonist, comes in. She’s a mutant with strange psyonic abilities whos use leads to a berserk state of bloodlust that can only be sated with killing or fucking. Her abilities manifest as dark tendrils she can use to slice or grab on to things. I visualize them as the soul devourer from the game Neverwinter Nights 2, Mask of the Betrayor. She survives in the wasteland by escorting girls to rut with Beta-Form mutants in hopes they will produce a superior mutant offspring. Let’s get right into an excerpt from the opening chapter:

Nothing was sacred here. The ground was damp with cum and urine, and the air was heady with the stench of sweat and sex. It was rutting season. Never a safe time to be out. The Beta-Form let out a loud grunt, the girl squirming and moaning as its penis elongated and thickened inside of her, pushing painfully against her cervix and vaginal walls as it vomited cum into her body. She’d feel that for days. She moaned again and after a few minutes, the Beta-Form roughly pulled free from her body, penis still trailing thick ribbons of glossy cum.

Waste by K Bevis

So yeah, this novel exudes a strong breeding kink and cum fetish either due to the world building or the inspiration for it, but I dig it! There’s no flowerly love scenes nor candle lit romance here. K says, “You and me baby aint nothing but mutants, so let’s do it like they do on the sci-fi channel!” As for whether this is erotica is debatable. In most erotica I’ve read, what plot or world-building there is only serves as a bare-bones structure to move from sex scene to sex scene, but that is not he case here. With “Waste,” most of the novel concentrates on the plot and characters with a good measure of hardcore rutting thrown in.

The world detail is intriguing if not anything new in the genre. Vanilla humans brave the radiation in barrier suits which are a kind of energy field emitted from a bracelet like the Holtzman shields from Dune. The novel at one point details how this suit was used as a de-facto full body condom that trapped a guy’s cum which then started running down his leg when he stood up. Did I mention a cum fetish?

“Waste” really checked all the boxes for me. From the post-apocalyptic setting, the dystopic religion, mutants, cyborgs, psyonics, and violence, to the kinky sex and weirdness. The only real complaint I have with it is that it’s too short (TWSS). There are a lot of interesting characters, but most don’t get enough time to be fully fleshed out and develop, and integral world building concepts like the doctrine of the Church of Apollo are mentioned but never explained in any detail.

So despite the title, it is absolutely not a waste, being available on Kindle for $2.99 and it’s the best 3 bucks I’ve ever spent! It’s listed as Wasteland Duo Book 1, which implies there will be more books which is great because I really enjoyed this one! I just hope K Bevis doesn’t pull a George RR Martin and keep me waiting years for it!

That’s all for now, this is The Geek Freak, read long and hard, friends!

Sinful Sunday #458


  1. Mrs Fever

    You might like Rhyannon Byrd’s “primal instinct” series — the ‘edge’ books (the first three in the series: Edge of Hunger, Edge of Danger, Edge of Desire) do a great job of sci-fi world-building, and there’s a lot more to the plot than “Let’s fuck!” 🙂

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