Are Cyborgs LIFE?

Doing some cyborg cosplay for a book review of the erotic sci-fi post-apocalyptic novel “Waste” by K Bevis I was fortunate to find through a review by Christina de Vries. As you may have guessed, I really like it!

This is as lingerie as I get! More im-prop-er use. The gun is a prop laser machine gun from one of my favorite shows “Andromeda” as is the metallic cloth and the codpiece. Which is most certainly not a codpiece. Very im-prop-er!

Lingerie is for everyone


  1. Violet

    I’m so stoked to draw this image! Thanks for pushing the boundary on lingerie, and I definitely think this fits in a very kinky, dystopian way LOL. Thank you for all your comments and support this year for LiFE!

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