Trouble With the Curve: My Nude Year’s Resolution

Body Positivity, Peyronie’s Disease?

Yes it’s late, but editing and filming (had to wait for an empty-ish YMCA, oh if only they knew what I’ve been filming in there!) took time. Hope you enjoy the video while also being informed. I’m considering adding a feedback section about if penis-lovers mind a curve or not (female or male). If you’d like to share please tell me (don’t have to film or show your face or name).

I tried getting opinions (dick ratings) from Twitter, but it appears I’m getting blown off. Sigh, if you can’t trust random strangers on the interwebs, who can you trust? I want to post this to Vimeo as I really do hope this and the follow-up video will be informative to guys feeling the same insecurity. Until then, this is what I’ve got.


  1. Molly

    Be careful uploading to Vimeo as I am pretty sure they do not allow adult content.

    I hope your plan works for you but if it is any help at all, your penis looks perfectly normal to me. I have had a fair few lovers in my time and they have all had different shaped and sized penis, none of them have been deal breakers to me. We are all different and all beautifully unique


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    1. nopantsendurance

      Thank you Molly, genuinely. This community and your work in particular has been a life-changing thing for me! I’ve had accounts banned in Vimeo which is why I upgraded to video hosting on my own site. One thinh this great, supportive community doesn’t have right now is a wide male outreach.


  2. missy

    I am with Molly – I think that everyone is an individual and there is no better or worse as far as I am concerned so a curve would be good with me. Great image and video and I like that you are highlighting something which is not often talked about πŸ™‚

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  3. Mx Nillin

    Honestly I’ve always thought you had a REALLY great looking cock, and I thoroughly love seeing it in all the creative ways that you’ve chosen to share it with us! Seriously, your nudes and dick pics are some of my favorite I’ve ever seen. But I also totally understand that just because other’s like you cock that doesn’t make the insecurity much less. I hope your effort bring you the results you desire!


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