The Looming Shadow

This is not my usual carefree post. I served in the military (in a tech, non-life-threatening capacity) after 9/11 and ended up questioning the true motives of the war. BUT I am proud that I served my country if not the cause of Global Freedom banded about in the propaganda. Now with the shadow of war looming yet again, I ask “What are the motivations, really?” And so should you.

Sinful Sunday #456


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    Never lose that pride; you’ve earned the rights to it.
    What we know as ‘war’ has fundamentally changed somewhere after about 1950. We still think in terms of invasion by conquering forces in an attempt to annex resource-rich territory for a country. Most people don’t even realize how outdated that (primarily) is (some modern exceptions). The goals are far less clear. The waters have been muddied by business interests and religious interests swaying more and more power over governments. The gains are for private interests at the public’s expense. It’s downright criminal to use military personnel as pawns in corporate battles. People join to protect their country, their people, and the innocence of humanity from true evils … not to line the pockets of the Megabucks Overlords who reign sovereign over the countries of the world.

    -steps off soapbox-

    Anyways … fantastic post, as always my friend.

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  2. DeviantSuccubus

    A strong message that I think many should listen to: think before you mindlessly give your everything to a cause with no winner or improvement of the world. Well done!

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