I recently purchased an Ebay auction lot of props from the sci-fi show Killjoys and figured I’d whip up some quick rated-R cosplay! Also, I got work done on new shelving to display some of my other assets! Hopefully some YouTubing showing my stuff…the non-nopants proper stuff. Thanks to Lovely Braindrops for providing the Tesla shelf goodies for my Christmas gift!

The lot had some hoods, a length of plastic chain, a small knife, a bag of plastic handcuffs, a pair of real metal handcuffs. Made sure to affix the plastic ones. The real ones would have made for a hard-to-explain story! And the prize piece was a solid metal machete! Very Mad Max! I’m sure I can find some further use for them!


  1. TJ

    Oooo! Where I live, on Sundays when the weather permits (summer usually), throngs of people dress like that (maybe less… ummm… nude) and literally have faux-sword fights in the forest. Like, adults. I am not one of those people, but I am so happy they exist. #nerdsruuuule 🤓

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