Breeder 3

the most powerful motivator of all IS FEAR

“Quit cowering and step up, Meat!”

“The Matrons will be arriving soon for the auction. Stick your cock through and get it up! The Matrons pay top credits for the most virile breeding stock! So you better keep it up or I’ll lop it off and feed it to the dogs! I don’t care how cold it is, Meat!”

I had the dystopic props I bought from the sci-fi series Killjoys and was wondering how to use them when I saw this throwback post from Molly about fear and the Lustful Empress’ man meat post!

This didn’t turn out photographically as well as I’d hoped. First off, it was packed with snow drifts and really was cold as balls! But the sun glare threw off the lighting. I’d like to try a re-shoot in spring.

#397: Motivation


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