Angel Has Fallen

Not the common way to do a snow angel, probably why this one fell…

Thanks again to Lovely Braindrops for the inspiration. This didn’t turn out quite as clear as I’d envisioned. It would probably work better with fresh powdery snow.

I waited too long when some rain froze on top. You see, beneath the crunchy, icy shell, there’s still a powdery core of snow nougat. I’ll have to try again when we get a good 12 inches of snow…okay 10. Maybe 8. 7 should be fine.

Sinful Sunday #451


  1. Mx Nillin

    This picture is fucking outstanding LOL. I love your devotion to getting really unique, exciting photos. Also, this reminds me of how Ionce upon a time I thought about doing “Mx Nillin Fucks… A Snowman!” Still haven’t gathered the nerve to do that shoot haha


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