NYC Boutique Critique!

Just wandering around New York City hitting sites and just walking past some fun fashion shops!

👎 First stop gets a big thumbs down for a shameful amount of decency. Necessary Clothing? Strongly disagree!

Actually their style looks on point to me!

I’m not a girl, but if I were, I’d wear some real cold girl shit! Thumbs up 👍

I was in the military and everyone looking the same to remove individuality? Big thumb down 👎 but this shop makes it an insult as it should be! Why you…NIFORM! Dig it. Thumbs up 👍

DING MY DONG we have a winner! Naked and Famous Denim! This is my kind of bawdry boutique! Two thumbs and my cock up 👍👍🍆

I’m not famous, but I’ll come hang naked!


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