Hunter and Hunted

I have a great and ridiculous short film idea for the witches Kink of the Week. Unfortunately, I ran a tune-up marathon for New York City marathon next Sunday, but half way through got stomach issues and dry heaves.

I gutted out a finish, but ended up sleeping it off in a church for a couple hours. That was the last good weather day for a couple weeks and I won’t have time to film again until after the NYC marathon. Unless I can find a way to simulate a shot indoors, It’ll just have to be post-Halloween. Oh well.

Until then, I have a Hunter vs Hunted photo shoot to share from the same area as the Adam shoot and also where I want to film the witch short:

So who do you think won this age-old battle? The hunter or the sneaky au naturale camouflage hunted?

Where’s Waldo?
Cocked and ready to fire!

Sinful Sunday #446


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