Semin Park!

No doors for me this week except the great outdoors! Ran a cross country half marathon this weekend in small town Nebraska where the start/finish was an un-named (on Google Maps) park. Found out why once I got there! My trophy guy is now named Semin. No opportunity for lewdz.

Semin Park FTW!


  1. Life of Elliott...

    Nice park name. How are you ever going to hang that around your neck? Oh wait, the wreath, you can loop a cord through it and put it around your neck. Just don’t make the loop too long or your award might hang too low when running, causing banging, discomfort and even possible injury.

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  2. LovelyBraindrops

    Ha! It amazes me that places manage to retain (unintentionally) suggestive names… no matter who the poor soul saddled with the name was that the place is likely named after …especially in our society’s current state of oversensitivity. Amazed, in a gleeful sort of way of course!

    Congrats on the WIN today!

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