Help for videos

So all my short films are down again. Vimeo deleted my account with no warning. I appealed and just got back what is obviously an automated response that nobody looked into. That community is great, I just got over 10,000 views and had good dialogue going (as was from my comments on the post on gender).

There is no consistency nor transparency. I don’t know why I got flagged or for what. I assume it was my last video Scout, but was never informed, so who knows? That site is a nightmare. I’ll try a new account (I mean, really, Vimeo? You don’t get people do this?) Or maybe release every new film on a new account to see if it gets torpedoed. Maybe then I’ll at least have an idea on what is flagged. Ridiculous.

Maybe make a preview account then pay here on wordpress to have video hosting capability? I’m not opposed to giving money to wordpress, they’ve been great for me on this blog, no isssues. The problem was I didn’t want anything registered and traceable back to my real identity.

Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    Well, that explains why I couldn’t find said video…
    …unfortunately I’m no help though. If WordPress won’t dismantle your account over them though, I think it may be your best option. The ‘cover’ account on Vimeo in order to regather community may or may not be successful though as they too would need accounts on both platforms. Maybe others involved with HUMP! would have some insight??? A site or platform more tailored to your specific genre may exist. Seriously ridiculous!

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