Nobody’s Real

Nobody’s real, but they’re willing to let you know

Powerman 5000

This started as a fun post about 3FA and biometrics with Dickometrics, a company using software similar to facial recognition but using the penis instead of the face. It has been shown one can use the tip of a penis instead of a fingerprint to unlock an iPhone.

I didn’t plan this post out ahead of time like usual, so I just used my GoPro to take a dick pic of a dick pic on my phone (Inception!) in my (messy) room.

Then there is the infamous scene from Porky’s where Nancy Parsons’ Balbricker wants to put five boys in a tallywacker line-up. Not completely without precedent as explained in Today I Found Out’s That Time Women Could Divorce Their Husbands By Having Intercourse in Court!

Then I went to post it and saw the conservative Christian paraphernalia still on my wall. In some ways, my post I Am…Hidden is my favorite. That was posted in October of last year. It’s almost October again. And I am still hidden. So am I authentic? Am I real?

The prompt definition states authentic to mean: representing one’s true nature or beliefs. Am I doing so? Clearly not. I am not real.

The art of Jesus has been on my wall so long I often forget it’s there, but not always. And honestly I’d keep it up even if I were not hidden. Why? Because nobody’s real. No, no, I’m not going to get into that kind of religious debate (religion does not equal faith or belief in god, it is dogma, a memeplex)! I just mean walk into any church in the USA and you’ll see a similar representation of Jesus as blatantly Caucasian: a white person of European origin. Jesus was not a white person of European origin!

That is why I’d keep the picture up: a reminder that nobody’s real.

But critically, something has changed since last October. I am no longer hidden to one person: Lovely Braindrops! She is in a similar position. I find it both frustrating and fantastic that she is partially blind yet can see so much more clearly than most other people. So I’m grateful again to this blogging community and Lovely Braindrops that, while I’m not real, I’m willing to let YOU know!


  1. LovelyBraindrops

    No person is ever able to be truly authentic all of the time. Even in your purest moments of self, an observer may not perceive the truth in that moment, thereby tarnishing the meaning. That’s not to say you can never be authentic in the eyes of others; only that those precious moments of singular clarity between two people are among life’s most sacred gifts. Even within yourself you may find times when authenticity eludes you… most often in the midst of inner growth, discovery, and maturation.

    ‘Hidden’ is a place we go to be safe… and safe places always feel more secure with someone there who is hiding for the same reasons.

    I’ll gladly hide with you any day! Hidden from the world together, but revealed to one another.

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  2. The Lexy Experiment

    You start out with making me smile … biometrics and then the humor and cleverness of the image (as usual) and then you land us in deep and poignant territory with your thoughtful words on authenticity. I think authenticity is a journey. Happy travels!

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