NPE Sinema #1: Getting a Leg Up in Porn!

Inspired (as I so often am) by the one and only Lustful Empress and her adventures in porn series, I figured I’d show some of the films or scenes I have found influential in trying to make my own sexy short films.

My favorite by far is a mock retro PSA starring Ellie Idol called “Getting a Leg Up in Porn” (2006). I love everything about it! It is utterly fantastic! I’ve mentioned in my cosplay posts that I find the 1950s Americana PSA/propoganda films fascinating and I really have a thing for them (or at least perverting their pastoral idyllic facade). This film is more the 1970s vibe, but still works for me!

First off, it is set in Seattle, a city I love where I lived for a decade when I was (reluctantly) serving in the Navy. Ellie Idol is a Seattle area native and she’s even seen reading The Stranger, a Seattle indie newspaper! Every Wednesday, I looked forward to stopping by the little indie coffee shop in my neighborhood right across from Ravenna Park (my go-to running spot with hills, views, people watching, and a natural spring) to read The Stranger, in particular the hilarious and now sadly defunct David Schmader column “Last Days: The Week in Review.” I miss Seattle.

But I digress. This short film has it all, it’s funny, sexy, with a kernel of information and even some dark, shock humor. Ellie is not only physically adorable, she exudes charisma and seems to be having a blast making this silly short film! The pithy narration is spot on, and I love the little Seattle details of even using a Safeway card for the drug scene and eating a bag of Dick’s πŸ™‚ ! I hope some day I can make my own short film worthy of this masterpiece!


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