Adonis, Never Done-this!

I’m thrilled to announce the brain behind this photo set has started a blog and will no doubt be adding much to this community! The Lovely Braindrops!

Another set of firsts for me! My new potential nude runner friend requested a cosplay of sorts for me: a nude Adonis in marble! I hardly think I qualify to do the god of beauty and desire justice, but I’m beyond flattered by such a request! This is my first experience with body paint and I have some lessons to learn, for sure.

Making these black and white does look better, thanks for the suggestion, Missy!

I also left the video running for a quick BTS of the process:


    1. nopantsendurance

      Just a tube of generic non-toxic body paint from the local Party City, washed off pretty easily. Don’t know that I’d use it a lot, I’m pretty picky about putting stuff with hard-to-pronounce names on or in my body. But it was well worth it for a special request!

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  1. Posy Churchgate

    How do you come up with so many amusing and thrilling images?! This is such an exciting set of images, I love the theme and the dedication which had you using body paint. I didn’t see the earlier version, but the b/w stills look brilliant.


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